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Juhā and his never-ending story. New evidence on the diffusion of Juhā's anecdotes
Issue 8

For some years now a growing interest has been shown in the study of the anecdotes of Juhā. My research on this figure began over twenty years ago in Cairo,...

Children's Games in Andalusian Heritage
Issue 44

Games for children and adults have always been part of Islamic civilisation; they arise naturally from a society’s different activities. These games were...

Building Materials Used in Traditional Residential Architecture in South-western Tunisia’s Nefzaoua Region
Issue 52

Today, scientific research must be related to community issues and reality in order to help to fulfil knowledge objectives and practical goals. The importance...

A Study of Husa in Iraq
Issue 48

First: The study proved that Husa is a tribal art that originated in the Euphrates countryside, specifically in the Diwaniyah and Samawah outskirts, and then...

Red Bricks in Al Jraif East in the Sudan
Issue 44

This paper is based on the results of field collection in the summer of 2009; in which the researcher recorded interviews with artisans. The researcher used...

The Islamic Cultural Dimension of Religious Chanting Through Its Stylistic Features and Relationship to Arabic Singing: The Example Of "O Lord of the Universe", an Invocation by Muhammad Imran
Issue 54

This paper studies the relationship between religion and music by examining religious chanting and its relationship to the upbringing of Arab singers. In the...

Folklore Of The Rain In The Yemeni Memory
Issue 11

This research elaborates the concept that water is the base of civilization and a factor of their collapse as well. This concept is best; illustrated in...

A Word from the Editor - The Heritage of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula: Remembering Indicators and Signs
Issue 46

In 1981, the print and audio-visual media outlets in the countries of the Arabian Gulf were focused on the news of a first-of-its-kind cultural event aimed at...

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