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Fertility: Beliefs and Rituals in Algerian Folklore
Issue 51

This article deals with one aspect of folklore – the family’s folk beliefs – through an organised and integrated social system that performs...

Heritage Culture in the Arabian Gulf States
Issue 52

Heritage and its cultural contents were formed over the ages by civilisations that passed through the Arabian Gulf region; they represent an important pillar...

Seductive dance: Where it originated and where it is performed
Issue 29

Awalim’ (seductive dancers) perform at ceremonies and weddings held by all social classes, whether at a five-star hotel or in a side street. There was...

  Digital Art and the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage Towards a Philosophy of Art in the Age of Information Technology
Issue 47

This research focuses on sharing sites where data is available through free sharing and (mostly) free intellectual property rights, facilitating the...

The Clayey Jar: Carrier of the Nile Waters
Issue 9

Although the clayey jar is widely used in all parts of Egypt, it is manufactured only in Mahroosa Center in Qana, where it has been the main source of income....

Reviving the Arts at Stake
Issue 21

Nearly ten years ago in Bahrain, following an official directive, a group of specialists was formed to consider a proposal to revive ‘Sawt’ and...

Ghams"clay"houses in Hama and its countryside
Issue 32

Architectural heritage, which represents man’s ability to control his surroundings, is one of the key indicators of human civilisation. Heritage that is...

Arab tribes’ wedding traditions in Syria’s Al Jazeera region
Issue 16

In this study, we identify the theoretical antecedents and the preliminary steps involved in starting a family in Syria’s Al Jazeera region, specifically...

Authentication of Moroccan Music
Issue 44

This paper is an attempt to collect ancient texts with references to the music of an instrument that emerged in Andalusia before finding its way to Morocco and...

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