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Food Memory: The Bases Of The Nutritional System And Its Traditions
Issue 11

This research endeavors to examine the communal memory and to describe the local nutritional experience of the ethnic groups of Ayat Warrayne in...

The Folktale: Structure and connotation
Issue 40

Like fairytales and legends, the folktale is a distinctive type of story. It is not a general type of tale that falls under the umbrella of other tales,...

Aspects of Common Beliefs and Practices of Mesopotamia and Ancient African Peoples
Issue 47

Even if we do not consider literary texts in and of themselves important as a record of incidents and disasters that have affected almost all mankind, these...

The Non-Textual Folk Biography and the Relationship Between Concepts in the Book: "Al Kalam Wal Khabar" by Saeed Yaqtin
Issue 47

The relationship between concepts in the book "Al Kalam Wal Khabar" would not have been so cohesive without the impact of the text, which acts like a combining...

Sea in Gulf popular Poetry: a special social view
Issue 5

This study provides a view of the effect that the sea has –spatially and socially- on the gulf human being in general, and on the popular poetry in...

Traditional Crafts and Life Changes
Issue 50

The study of traditional crafts that use palm trees of the Merowe region contributes to understanding the cultural heritage in the region in all its various...

Sufi “Maqamat” in Tlemcen Folk Poetry - Ibn Misayib, Bin Traiki and Al-Mandasy as Models
Issue 49

Sufi folk poetry is considered to be one of the finest literary genres, as it draws on the inexhaustible source, the true Islamic religion, and combines the...

Folk Songs as Cultural Texts
Issue 3

Contrary to the common tenet that music is a universal language, this researcher contends that music is only a language since each nation has its own musical...

Al Allawi Dance (Moroccan Dabkah)
Issue 26

Moroccan and Algerian folk heritage share a number of common features and aspects. The shared origins of the tribes and families of the two countries, their...

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