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“AL TAHTIB” Wrestling with Sticks
Issue 9

Wrestling with Sticks“AL TAHTIB” is one of many popular games played in Upper Egypt which are based on the same general theme. Each player...

‏Fictional elements in the contemporary Moroccan novel
Issue 24

‏Like all novels in the Arab world, the Moroccan contemporary novel is based on fictional elements of narration that create new styles of writing that...

Revenge from a folkloric perspective
Issue 7

The research addresses the phenomenon of revenge in the old and modern Egyptian society, as a basic tradition in the practice of Arabs in the pre-Islamic...

The Self and The Other
Issue 23

This paper highlights the changes to which heritage has been subject, changes that affect folk culture as a whole and introduce serious challenges to efforts...

The Sudanese Woman And the Musical Culture
Issue 12

The researcher attempts to own some of the courage of the Sudanese identity to find out some explanations which are logically consistent with the ideas...

Child Popular Songs and their Educational Contents in kingdom of Bahrain
Issue 5

The aim of this study is to achieve a qualitative survey of the heritage of child popular songs, particularly the most famous and used in Bahraini society to...

The Jordanian Bedouin wedding: An introduction to reading signs and symbols
Issue 26

Marriage is regarded as one of the most important social rituals in human societies due to its role in organising relationships within communities and...

Siddi Muammar’s marriage customs and traditions in Algeria’s Chlef Province
Issue 32

Siddi Muammar was a social reformer who tried to convince people not to indulge in extravagant wedding rituals that made weddings a great burden for young men....

Symbols in southern Tunisian textiles and their denotations
Issue 33

In this paper, we highlight the most important features of symbols found in various traditional woven fabrics in southern Tunisia’s cities and towns, and...

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