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President’s Speech at the Opening of the IOV's World Youth Congress in Krakow, Poland July 12-16, 2017
Issue 39

Dear friends, I welcome you to the International Organization of Folk Art’s (IOV’s) World Youth Congress in Krakow, a beautiful city that reminds...

Modernisation of traditional craftsmanship: Monitoring some aspects of change (The example of copper-work in the Moroccan city of Fez)
Issue 39

In this study, the researcher attempted to track the various changes that affected traditional ways of working with copper. He also tried to identify the most...

Qarin (the Spiritual Twin) in Tunisian Folktales and Proverbs
Issue 51

We chose to focus on the portrayal of the Qarin (spiritual twin) in Tunisian folktales and proverbs by reviewing the body of oral heritage to examine the...

Tunisia’s Issawiyya Music and Its Evolution
Issue 57

Heritage is classified as ‘material’ (buildings, tools and other artefacts) or ‘non-material’, which includes ideas, theories, customs,...

Candles and their symbolic connotations at weddings and other occasions
Issue 60

Anthropology seeks to understand the implications and relationships of social phenomena by studying social structures in their various forms and activities as...

Traditional food production in my village
Issue 16

East Dumaina is a village in the rural province about 20kms from Homs. According to the mayor, the village’s population was 722 in 1961; in 2006, the...

Siwa Oasis: Folklore and cultural identity
Issue 17

Wen studying Egyptian folklore in Siwa Oasis, we find this area is the site of many popular practices that relate to the place and its cultural identity. This...

Games in the Abbasid Era based on archaeological discoveries in the Islamic city of Ayla
Issue 34

The researcher sheds light on the most important games discovered in the Islamic city of Aylah. These games, which are still played today, date back to the...

The Tent of ‘Sidi Nail’s’ Sons: A Space for Preserving Cultural Heritage and Practicing Customs and Traditions
Issue 51

This paper aims to study the cultural heritage of handicrafts that contribute to our identity and that reflect that which our ancestors retained and passed...

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