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Visions of a Distant Dream…

Issue 65
Visions of a Distant Dream…


Over the course of seventeen years, this publication has shone in its continuity and extensive reach to regular readers in more than 167 countries around the world, in a joint effort with the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV). At a time when most Arabic language publications have stopped publishing, “Folk Culture” occupied a prestigious position among other remaining Arabic scientific publications that have maintained the highest academic standards in their content and have continuously utilized scientific methods to evaluate published material in each issue. These high standards made Folk Culture journal a reliable source of reference among scientific and academic bodies. Its comprehensive articles also ensured coverage of all folk culture subjects and issues, which made it an important avenue for scientific publishing worldwide.

In light of the global and regional geopolitical situation and the decline of financial resources, most countries have needed to review their financial budgets to achieve the highest levels of balance, and to regulate spending in many fields. This has forced “Folk Culture” to respond to the requirements of the current financial situation, by reducing publication cost to the maximum possible reduction. This has been discussed with prudence and objectivity, with careful consideration of all the financial costs that may force us to one day stop publishing and to completely disappear from a field in which we have worked passionately to achieve these visions of a distant dream.

Therefore, “Folk Culture” will have to respond to the requirements of the current situation and work to reduce as many expenses as possible, especially those which may force us to close this chapter of cultural and scientific Arab achievement, which we fear and hope not to happen. Thus, after several meetings in which all possible or available options were reviewed, it was decided to completely abandon print publishing and to only issue the journal electronically. This comes in addition to a redistribution of editorial board roles, and, unfortunately, reducing the remunerations of authors, as well as focusing the translations of the journal’s abstracts to two languages only (English and French).

We will put our efforts into our digital presence in all its forms, with great hope in reaching diverse groups, and spreading the folk culture of the Arab world. We promise our readers and researchers to continue enhancing and developing the journal’s website to achieve optimal user experience.

As we continue our journey on this path of achievement in line with contemporary needs, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the ruler of the Kingdom of Bahrain, for the continued support and assistance provided by the Royal Court, without which this publication would not have been issued. We also remember fondly the role of our esteemed professor Dr. Mohammed Jaber Al-Ansari (may Allah heal him) and the significant intellectual efforts he contributed to the journal at its establishment in 2007.

Our cherished relationship with the journal’s writers and its esteemed readers will carry on during this test... may Allah bestow upon us aid and success.

Ali Abdulla Khalifa 
Editor in Chief


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