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Traditional Jewellery in Yemen (Silver and Gemstones)

Issue 64
Traditional Jewellery in Yemen (Silver and Gemstones)

Dr. Muhammad Abdu Muhammed Saba’


Women's silver and gemstone jewellery created in Yemen has long been admired for its exquisite design and craftsmanship. Silver, other precious metals, and a wide variety of gemstones are common components of traditional Yemeni jewellery.

The famed Yemeni agate, which is still mined in the highlands of Yemen, is often used to embellish silver.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals, as well as non-precious metals such as iron and copper, are just some of the many that may be found in abundance in Yemen. Metals are used in the production of a wide variety of items today, from precious jewellery like gemstones and silver pieces to more practical items like blacksmithing and farming tools.

The practice of creating jewellery from precious metals and stones has always been popular, and it continues to be so now. Jewellery fashioned from silver and gemstones like agate, amber, and coral was traditionally the preferred form of adornment for women in Yemen.

This trade lasted until recently, when many artisans left the silver jewellery sector to focus on gold, which has since come to dominate the market. This change has contributed to the stagnation of Yemen's traditional silver jewellery market, which is on the verge of collapse if no action is taken to bring it back to life.

This study will explore Yemeni jewellery in terms of its forms and functions, naming the most significant items and discussing their significance in Yemeni culture and the rituals and beliefs linked to them. The research also highlights the important locations for jewellery creation, the most prominent crafting designs, and variations between the jewellery of different regions of Yemen in terms of shape and function.

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