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Baghdadi Chalghi: Concept and Musical Function

Issue 62
Baghdadi Chalghi: Concept and Musical Function

Anees Hamood Miadei

Iraq: University of Babylon, Faculty of Fine Arts

The Baghdadi Chalghi band is one of the oldest singing bands that is known for accompanying the Iraqi maqam. Due to its unique and specialized instruments, the musical instruments used in this band, and the roles performed by its band members, are not used with any other type of music. 

This study introduces Baghdadi Chalghi and its significance, it sheds light on the instruments used in the artform, and investigates of the phenomenon of the singing musical band. The study aims to shed light on the concept of the Baghdadi al-Chalghi, identifying its roles and instruments, and defining its terminology. Furthermore, it attempts to define Baghdadi Chalghi and elaborate on its function and the roles played by each of its band members, and the musical instruments used in the artform. 

The most important conclusions from the research are explained in the final chapter of the study, followed by a discussion of the sources used.

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