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Marriage in rural Bahrain: Cultural traditions

Issue 31
Marriage in rural Bahrain: Cultural traditions

Amina Al-Fardan



Many societies agree that marriage is social bond or contract based on offer and acceptance that unites a man and a woman and determines their rights and obligations.


This study uses the social approach to research Bahraini marriages and weddings, which are a source of happiness featuring signs and symbols from local, regional and global heritage. In Bahrain, wedding traditions vary between regions, both in the city and in rural society.

This study looks at marriage and inherited cultural traditions in rural Bahrain while taking into account the status of rural women, which is based on their social rights and duties, including the right to marry. Weddings reflect societal attitudes to women and their roles.

The study focuses on the societal changes that have taken place in Bahrain’s rural community and their impact on rural women and the way women interact with their surroundings, and on many contemporary issues including wedding rituals, practices and customs that are deeply rooted in Bahraini society.

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