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Cultural Origins of Amazigh Pottery in Morocco

Issue 64
Cultural Origins of Amazigh Pottery in Morocco

Dr. Muhammad Al-Mabruk Imrani


Amazigh pottery produced in the Moroccan region often has designs that address cultural and historic issues through the use of ornamentation based on tattooing, carpets, Arabesque, Tifinagh calligraphy, and abstract geometric patterns. The patterns seen in pottery are a perfect illustration of the aforementioned aspects.

It is important to carefully examine the cultural and ideological elements found in Amazigh pottery. It is possible to provide insight into the processes that contributed to the artistic qualities of the pottery.

We can consider Amazigh pottery in Morocco as a representation of reality within its temporal and spatial frameworks, considering historical and geographical factors and its role in advancing Amazigh ceramic practice in terms of visual perception, structure, analysis, culture, and civilisation, all of which include elements related to heritage from an array of different perspectives and influences.

Within this context, we investigate the aesthetics of the structural design and the evolution of symbolic creativity in Amazigh pottery from Morocco.

Moroccan pottery relies on a fundamental principle: direct interaction with the material as an artistic activity that combines creative and aesthetic elements. As a result, the evolution of Amazigh Moroccan pottery over time can be used as a barometer for how different cultures and civilisations have dealt with the contradictions of preserving the past while looking forward and using material objects to express abstract ideas.

My research looks at Amazigh pottery, textiles, and rock art through the lens of tattooing as a cultural underpinning for their production. I also investigate cultural and artistic applications, such as how a potter might reflect society's ideals while highlighting regional distinctions.

This leads to an array of studies that show how cultural changes have aided in the creation of cultural values that represent variations of the unique Moroccan pottery.

The symbols shown on Amazigh pottery have been influenced by many different cultures and civilisations.

Furthermore, as a result of cultural and civilisational developments, Amazigh pottery in Morocco has experienced a crystallisation of visual components.

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