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Magic Power between Envisaging and Practicing

Issue 5
Magic Power between Envisaging and Practicing

Abdulla Harhar - MOROCCO

He presents many testimonies translated from Amazighe to Arabic, and treats magic cases for love and hate, magic for cure and progression, magic as a good and bad weapon, and wedding ceremonies do not escape from magic practices that are linked to milk and its derives. The researcher emphasizes that the reason behind magic is not always hostility to harm the others, even in crises and problems that face the human being in his life and relations. In front of the absence of possibilities, a human being uses all the tools, stuffs, and the relations he has to give it meaning and direct it towards other purposes. The tree is not only a shelter that protects from the summer heat and a benefit from what it produces, but also a visiting place that plays the role of a doctor in the case of babies that loose weight or are not in a well shape. Considering attentively this sort of belief is what gives the tree a holy aspect, what make it protect, and distinguishes it from other trees. It is a belief inhabited by a non thanked ecological conscious. In magic, there is a distinction between “magic as a profession (formal magic) and the belief on it by ordinary individuals (popular magic), it is then distinguished in the magic practices in the popular belief between good and bad magic objectives, such as predicting the future, securing the scared, protecting from thieves, revealing treasures, love, and marriage.” The researcher deals with the reasonability principle, where the world is not governed by hazard or unseen winning forces, on the opposite it is governed by explicit forces and objective rules that people can discover and control to fulfill their needs better, hence the deny of every pretended explanation that uses hazard, magic forces, or meta empiricism. Furthermore, the reasonability principle enables us to accept only what we can examine according to specific procedures, and pushes us to accept “neutralize the magic of the world” according to Max Fiber, and abstracting it away from its magic notions, poetics, or metaphysics, so as to see only a set of concrete and objective axioms. Henceforth, the liberation of women is important because they represent a crucial factor for transferring criterions and social values, and can eventually block any improvement in the evolution…

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