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Sea in Gulf popular Poetry: a special social view

Issue 5
Sea in Gulf popular Poetry: a special social view

Mustapha Atiya Jumaa - EGYPT

The study is divided into 2 parts: the theoretical part consists of presenting a geographical, special and social picture of the Arab golf. The applied part studies the effect of the sea on gulf popular song and poetry because they form 2 faces of a single money note. A song is in reality a popular poetry, and poetry when diffused becomes a song, and we cannot separate the song from the maritime life; it is one of their requirements. It is worth mentioning that the song has different forms. The study presents a survey of the direct relation between sea, as a place of work and travel, and Arabs living in its banks. The relation has been very deep, in which there have been tense, nostalgia, and love.

Nevertheless, we can reach the subsequent points:
∗ Popular folklore in general, poetry in particular, is a true mean of expressing the relation between people and place. We have seen explicitly this in the golf popular poetry, which makes the relation with the sea more human than material.
∗ Human relation between golf and individuals was similar to other human relations: pulling and attraction, love/hate, passion/refusal, but gulf human beings confess the gratitude of the sea after God.
∗ Studying golf popular poetry in all its meanings, values, feelings, linguistic and rhetorical richness gives a real picture of the human being and space, far away from the typical picture that golf is just oil.
∗ Relation between gulf people and sea does not stop at the end of the diving age. It is an alive and renewal relation. Sea is stable, but economic and social circumstances have changed, but Arabic golf role does not come to an end yet. It is still a path of international trade, a place of oil hells, and a place for fishing. Variable are people who abandoned their ancestor’s maritime jobs and adhere to civil jobs in their new looks, a good adhesion consequence of the social evolution.
∗ In the Arabic golf exist many treasures, and estimations indicate that it contains a huge potential of natural pearls, their prices have been increasing ten times in the last 2 years. Golf pearls is still well requested in the world of jewelry, and cannot be compared to artificial pearls. This calls for new plans to benefit from this treasure, and indeed exist new tools to search and dig without facing the dangers of the past. This confirms that the sea has remained a source of good.

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