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Folk Songs and Agricultural Seasons

Issue 46
Folk Songs and Agricultural Seasons

By Professor Dr Umar Atiq


This study is divided into a preface and three areas of focus. The preface aims to reveal the folk song’s importance in collective work throughout the agricultural seasons, and to highlight specific aspects of folk songs in folklore and the stylistic characteristics of the folk song.


The first focus examines the harvest season’s folk songs and their psychological and emotional dimensions, especially love songs, songs about encouragement and enthusiasm, and those that are about tools and about economic issues.


The second focus is on the folk songs of olive season, which highlight the sacred and religious dimensions of the olive tree. We analyse the psychological and social facets of olive-picking songs and songs that encourage people to work hard. We also describe the types of olives mentioned in folk songs, and list terms and tools that appear in these songs.


The third focus is on folk songs in sesame season.




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