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Folk medicine in Al-Hasa

Issue 35
Folk medicine in Al-Hasa

Ahmad Abdulhadi Muhammad Salih
Saudi Arabia

This research focuses on the health and medical practices in Al-Hasa region and the Arabian Peninsula 80 years ago.
People were very poor. They lived in a harsh environment with unhealthy healing practices.

At that time, folk medicine was not based on science or logic; it was either herbal or metaphysical. People treated diseases with plants, herbs, diets and a specialist or family member, (usually a wife or mother), would use traditional practices such as burning, cupping or splinting.
Challenges to studying the history of folk medicine in the region include:
  The scarcity of researchers who wrote about traditional medicine in Al-Hasa
  People who visited Al-Hasa neglected to write about folk medicine. Ibn Alwan Al Dimashqi’s mention of splinting is not enough to satisfy a researcher’s need for information.

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