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Traditional children’s clothing in Saudi Arabia’s Najd desert

Issue 31
Traditional children’s clothing in Saudi Arabia’s Najd desert

Tahani Al-Ajaji

Saudi Arabia


This study of traditional children‘s clothing in the Najd desert involved recording and classifying the clothing and accessories. The study focused on raw materials, colours, origins and decorative techniques. It also compared these clothes to children’s clothing in other parts of Saudi Arabia.


The study used the descriptive historical approach and different methods and types of data – including questionnaires, interviews, sound recordings, observation, museum visits, photography and drawings – to ensure that accurate and complete information was obtained.

The study documented certain types of traditional children’s clothing, materials and decoration.
The study concluded that in the Najd desert, children’s traditional clothing, especially the outerwear, is a miniature version of adults’ clothing.

The paper recommends that a website be created to showcase folk heritage throughout Saudi Arabia in order to encourage, support and create job opportunities for manufacturers, craftsmen and people who preserve folk heritage. Other recommendations include protecting folk heritage and carrying out more scientific studies on traditional clothing.

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