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Bedouin songs in Mezzouna

Issue 31
Bedouin songs in Mezzouna

Bouaziz Simhon



A bridge between the North, South, East and West in the Arad region, Mezzouna has diverse types of music. This paper studies the most popular types.


Malhun, one of the most popular types of music in Tunisia, is played at traditional weddings and celebrations in the Tunisian countryside. Malhun is a rhythm for a group of lyrics with similar themes, such as ghazal, patriotic songs or lamentations. These lyrics are often sung in a particular order known as Mawqif, from the Arabic word Wuquf ”standing, because it is usually performed while the singers are standing. The person who sings Mawqif is known as Adib.

At traditional parties, it is customary for the oldest and most talented singer to start by singing Prophetic praises, which are usually followed by songs related to the occasion.

The lead singer or Adib is usually a poet. The other singers are called Sa’afa and Khammas. Sa’afa often consists of two singers who always accompany the Adib. These singers are expected to memorise many poems, and to be well-acquainted with poetic rhymes and melodic scales. Their role involves helping and prompting the Adib, so they must be witty and well- prepared.

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