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Morocco’s Celebrations of the Prophet’s Birth

Issue 20
Morocco’s Celebrations of the Prophet’s Birth

In Morocco, Al Miludiah celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is held on the 12th of Rabi’ al-Awwal every year. 

The rituals of the celebration take different forms in different parts of the Arab world. In Morocco, people celebrate the occasion with rituals and activities that vary slightly by region. The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday dates back to the Almowahaddin Dynasty, who ruled Morocco from 500 to 620 AH. This Dynasty decided to commemorate the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday in response to the Andalusian Christians’ celebration of the birth of Christ. 

 The Prophet’s birthday celebrations coincide with Sufi celebrations, such as the celebrations of the Amadasha and Aissawa orders. The largest gathering, that of Al Budshishia order, is held near Wajdah in Mdagh in Al Zawiya Corner; this celebration includes many cultural and social activities, including the recitation of invocations and religious poems relevant to the occasion.

The Aissawa from across Morocco meet and travel to the shrine of Sheikh Al Hadi bin Aissa in Meknes, where they hold an annual celebration that lasts for seven days after the Prophet’s birthday.

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