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The Concept of Soul in Bahraini Society

Issue 14
The Concept of Soul in Bahraini Society

Amirah Al Dorr (Bahrain)

This study investigates the concept of the soul in Bahrain.

Bahrain’s heritage plays an important role in positioning souls within the framework of social beliefs and the human life cycle, which ends in death.
This paper raises several questions:
- What does soul mean?
- How is the concept of soul in Bahraini society related to the universe, society and individuals?   
- How did the Bahraini concept of soul originate?
- How does Bahraini society view the relationship between the real world and the metaphysical?
The paper has several objectives:
•To identify the community’s social and religious norms through their collective and personal concepts
    • To identify beliefs about the soul
• To identify the metaphysical in
        Bahraini beliefs

This study is important for the following reasons:
1. Arabic anthropological references do not address the topic of the soul and its impact on society in general and on Bahrain’s society in particular; this study addresses this overlooked issue.
2. This type of study has never been carried out in Bahrain.
3. This study attempts to explain how Bahraini society conceptualizes the soul.
4. It provides examples of practices and beliefs that reflect the Bahrainis’ concept of the soul.
5. The aim is to provide information about spiritual practices in Bahraini society.

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