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Traditional knowledge and techniques of palm cultivation in Marwi, Northern Sudan
This study describes the environmentally friendly traditional techniques that the Marwi people use i...

The games of my village and the magical time of childhood
The first years of an individual’s life are the most important, because they build and shape h...

Folklore: A language that civilisations use to communicate
Folklore is oral cultural heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation by oral, writte...
Issue 40
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Folk culture in the poems of Bashar ibn Burd
Issue 40

In this study, we examine the poetry of Bashar ibn Burd, one of the most prominent poets, and the contribution he made to poetry by creating poems for common people rather than just the elite. This idea has drawn the attention of certain critics, and Najib Mohammad al-Bhabayti addressed it in his well-known book, ‘History of Arabic poetry until the end of the third century Hijri’. 

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