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Researching tattoos: Symbols and meanings
There are many theoretical concepts related to tattoos, and these concepts differ from one region to...

Proverbs and traditional sayings
The inherited structure of proverbs and traditional sayings contained in the present discourse dates...

Folk and elite cultures and their expressions and meanings: An ethno-musicological approach to folk song
The concepts of culture in general and of folk culture in particular have established differences be...
Issue 39
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Moroccan embroidery: A mirror for a civilisation
Issue 39

Architecture has two components: the building style, which is determined by the dimensions and composition; and the decorative elements, which involves combining various materials such as wood, mosaics, paint, clay and stone to create a work of beauty. These two components are strongly associated with the history of humanity and architecture, which has changed over the centuries to reflect changing preferences and styles. In architecture, beauty is a result of the harmony between the elements of the building and its components; this harmony survives as evidence of the creativity in the different eras.

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Documentation of folk heritage in Arab sources
Issue 39

Scientific circles face challenges when attempting to document the components of Arab folklore and Arab folk culture, so the documentation process is not yet complete. Archives of folklore are not yet available to Arab citizens, so they still cannot learn about their history, culture and folk identity. We are calling for unified efforts to document the culture and heritage of the region. Arab sources are diverse and rich. The documentation project should represent the literary legacy of Arabs and Muslims and include all written material about the arts, sciences, and folk heritage, which has not always been well-recorded.

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