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Overview on the Andalusian folk sayings

Issue 7
Overview on the Andalusian folk sayings

Rashid Affaqi - Morocco

A ncients believed that vernacular literature is a sort of humor, for example, the Andalusians consider popular poems as comedian poems. But the scholars - especially in cities – do not work to say or write it because - in their view – it is without taste, and Ibn Khaldun explained this disapproval by the loss of case. There is no doubt that this position was the cause of the loss of many of the vernacular literature and popular products, and because of this puritanical vision original texts are lost, hence the loss of expensive common folk through the centuries. However, there are those who enjoy the spacious horizon, those who deviated from the “the rule”, and register this heritage and teach it his students, and those are the ones who kept the evidence of the exquisite art of speech and Jokes rule issued by the lower classes. What is important in these evidence is the reflect of vernacular life echoes, the touch of people’s issues, as it highlights the way of thinking and understanding of things, and here became the proverbs have become fertile ground and a rich archive of study social and economic life of the people, but “Proverbs - as social document- are the nearest to the truth and the lowest to the authenticity of the other to represent the spirit of community and portray the general nature because it stemmed from the people and reflect their views and experiences and trends “ Andalusia has received a number of texts of proverbs and poems, still some of them rest in the speech of the people of Morocco, many of them are descended from Andalusia, the researcher sees it is useful to extract from these texts a range of popular sayings, explain and interpret the words contained therein, and then add to it what is consistent from texts of prose or verses that are saved by some historical and literary sources, for the benefit and enrichment of the study.

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