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Issue 7
Navigation and another...

Folklore in its different branches was only a response to social, cultural, and specific economic conditions that required it necessary to respond to a horizon where its presence was necessary in order to stand balanced, people live it according to a system that will not cause hardship on their minds, their sense, and the rhythm of their lives. We should evoke the features of that environment and its various characteristics in order to understand the substantive reasons that push other communities to the arts of story when children go home to their families seeking amusement, interest, and refuge in the night solitude and in the ambiguous question. We should evoke the nature of the economic activity in various environments to understand the reason behind the emergence of other folk speech arts and understand their nature and functions. We should lay on a human and cultural rule that controls the emergence of all kinds of cultural creativity, namely nothing is created absurdly, it is an answer to what is needed. Conditions have changed, habits and needs have changed as well, and the tools of the age invade life slowly until it came up to digital media. And the bonds of the relationship between the family and society are dissolved, and now the machine became a sanctuary and a mediator between man and man, as if all the occasions of meeting do not do anything to extend the reasons for dating and friendship among the people, they seek them thereby across the Internet and various types of navigation connected to it. Digital technology has become the culture of our time, and its ignorance is the real illiteracy, parallel to writing and reading illiteracy. Human beings evolved in the digital machine until it came up mobile and digital toys, such as play station, X-box, Nintendo, and others. Child has become living another world away from the world where he was raised by their parents and grandparents rushing to the machine and its magical breathtaking, as if the parents agree with this situation so that they provide their children with enough attention and suffering to care for them. The walk to the IT and digital culture is a civilization and scientific imperative with no choice. But we aspire that our communities get cognitive and cultural benefit to a greater extent, but this does not justify the parents who abandon their educational duty for the benefit of the machine. It is worth mentioning to what was confirmed by numerous scientific studies with regard to the health risks that can result from overindulging in video games and the Internet and other digital machines. But we want to point out a very important thing in our view, namely the attraction of children to such machines does not compensate in any way for the direct relationship with their parents and grandparents. The machine whatever its charm does not compensate child from the moment of the warming experienced at home to his father or mother created by listening to someone tell his tale. There is a stream of feeling and passion and pulse of the membrane of the comfort that the machine can not provide. Between navigation and another, child, near his parents, gets ease, dialogue, and quiet spirit, which he does not have in any other navigation. Attention to this aspect of child education is not only an interest in human beings in their balance, coherence, rooting in their environment, but it is also an interesting balance and cohesion of society. Our interest in folklore is in its aims an attention to the balance of the human being since he was a boy until he becomes a man, taking advantage of modern knowledge, and rooting strongly in his environment.

Mohamed Negib Nouiri
Scientific Committee Coordenitor
Editorial Manager

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