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Moroccan Tabourida: A Sport Based in History and Culture

Issue 62
Moroccan Tabourida: A Sport Based in History and Culture

Dr. Ridouan Ait-Iazza

Researcher in Sociology, Mohammed V University

Dr. Nabil Takhlouicht

Professor of Sociology at the Institut Royal de Formation des Cadre

The objective of this paper is to shed light on the history and significance of Tabourida, a popular sport deeply ingrained in Moroccan society and culture that has managed to survive and thrive despite the many changes experienced by Moroccan society over the course of its long history. 

The folkloric sport of Tabourida, which has traditionally been an arena for tribal competition and rivalry within the seasons it is celebrated in, has found a place among modern sports and made the transition to institutionalisation as one of the most obvious instances of transformation.

Due to its unique cultural and economic significance, as well as its potential role as a component of identity-building at both local and national levels, it is important that the Tabourida be brought into the spotlight so that its relevance may be consolidated.

In order to define the phenomenon of Tabourida and trace its historical development, this study employs a socio-anthropological approach and the theories and concepts it developed, which combine archival and field research.

The study also aims to shed light on the intricate chain of factors that led to this sport's elevation and UNESCO recognition as a part of Morocco's intangible cultural heritage in 2021.

Investing in history, whether it be intangible or tangible, is certainly a gateway through which the community's vision, values, and traditions are realised via the preservation of a genuine orientation that establishes identity with its broad spectrum and diversity of culture. This may be accomplished through maintaining a genuine orientation that establishes Moroccan identity through the preservation of a genuine orientation that establishes Moroccan identity.

due the wide variety of sports and sporting activities done by different communities, sport helps us better comprehend cultural differences. It's possible that Tabourida sports may gain popularity in a wide variety of countries and communities, evolving to reflect the values and norms of different societies and demographics.

Tabourida is of particular value to Moroccans since it is a part of their cultural history that has been handed down from generation to generation. Recognising this fact, governmental institutions, civil society, and other actors need to work together to conserve Tabourida, elevate it to its due place in Moroccan society, and convert it into an effective tool for the country's economic growth and social advancement.

Tabourida sport, as a symbol of Moroccan identity, is enhanced by its encouragement and improvement because it aids in the development of a sense of community, strengthens the values of citizenship, and aids in the formation of an individual's character and his sense of belonging to a particular region. 

In order to ensure its continuous renewal and transmission from one generation to the next, scientific and academic research should be intensified by holding forums and seminars on Tabourida and ways to preserve and promote it.

Tabourida sport should also be taken care of and given the status it deserves, not only by focusing on its ceremonial and casual character but also by giving importance to promoting all products, equipment, and crafts related to this sport (saddlery, reins, dress, dagger, bridle, etc.) and working to revive its marketing from a solidarity tourism (community-based tourism) economic perspective.

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