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Candles and their symbolic connotations at weddings and other occasions

Issue 60
Candles and their symbolic connotations at weddings and other occasions

Jafar Al-Bahraini

Anthropology seeks to understand the implications and relationships of social phenomena by studying social structures in their various forms and activities as well as the behaviour of individuals in the societies studied. This may include the rituals of the candles themselves, the light or flame that emanates from the candle, or rituals related to carrying candles on trays  and their symbolic representation to the community.

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the elements of this phenomenon that represents folk culture, and the significance of this study lies in shedding light on what candles represent and the associated social behaviour of festive rituals at weddings and other occasions, and their meanings and social and psychological connotations as they affect the lives of those celebrating the event and the people around them.

It has been demonstrated that candles play an essential role in people's lives, and their use is not the result of coincidence, heresy or myth; instead, they have historical and geographical foundations. The ways in which candles are used differ among the world’s cultures and communities, and rituals that involve candles reflect various manifestations of the unity of a particular society.

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