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“Culture mobility concerning the owl in its functional systems”

Issue 6
“Culture mobility concerning the owl in its functional systems”

Ibrahim Mahmoud - Syria

Owl had the privilege of a night bird, a pauper bird in classification, and puzzling in its placement, it can be seen or not, so to speak, it triggers many perceptions, stories, and fantasies opened to the world of the night and what can be imagined under the cover of night, what could happen at night, even belongs to the lower world, the world of darkness, and the consequence of carrying effects in which the owl plays the role of the godfather at night. Owl is an exceptional animal in terms of the power it represents, witnesses on, or is deposited therein. This is reflected in the attempt of making autopsy and projections on the members of his body, as in the eyes, the center of power and control, and its heart nourished from the inside. All things concerning owl from the inside and outside support the values and ideas we see in the social sphere.. Owl is strongly linked to the demon, it is mentioned only as a dark guard, and we deal with it severely for the same reason, given the strength of the underlying powers in it, those that require the speed of implementation, while eliminating it.. The researcher is trying to lighten briefly one aspect of our cultural and popular life, and how we can deal with the world in which we live only through the “doses” of certain variable rates that we call the myth in its negative meaning, the most complex Superstition in our popular society, as it is called only sometimes, but at the level of the savant culture as we have seen above, as if the myth is another composer with him we taste and evaluate things, making connections or separation between different things in virtue of the impact of the “taste”, and perhaps this is effected despite the fact that there is an implied believe here and there that what is happening is only an illusion, but can we eradicate this illusion though it is an element of our intellectual, social and cultural structure.

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