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The Sword and Dagger in Sudanese Cultural Heritage

Issue 59
The Sword and Dagger in Sudanese Cultural Heritage

Dr.  Asaad Abdul Rahman Awad Allah

This article aims to highlight the significance of the sword in Sudanese cultural heritage and its history in ancient Sudanese civilisations as supported by archaeological evidence.

The continuous integration of the sword and dagger in traditional craftsmanship, practices of traditions and customs, and in folk literature signifies the depth of cultural identity associated with them in the Sudanese culture. Furthermore, their presence in such diverse fields confirms that the sword and dagger continue to play a role in Sudanese cultural heritage.

This article reviews the names given to the sword and dagger and their meanings. Furthermore, it provides an overview of the historical context of their presence in ancient Sudan. Finally, the article demonstrates the manifestations of the sword and dagger's connection to heritage in traditional crafts, customs, traditions, folk literature, beliefs and performing arts such as folk dances and folk games. This is all, of course, supported by photographs and with reference to reliable sources.

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