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The Folk Song and Social Values in Tunisia: The Example of The Song ‘Oh Dove That Flew’

Issue 59
The Folk Song and Social Values in Tunisia: The Example of The Song ‘Oh Dove That Flew’

Al-Nuri Al-Shiri

Interest in values is an important indicator of the advancement of any society that seeks to create people capable of bearing the burdens of life and contributing to social development. The importance of songs at various stages in an individual's life, and their role in producing educational, cognitive, religious, social, national and human values that are human rights cannot be overstated. 

The folk song helps transmit information about various values, individual rights and the culture of the society. Its lyrics may convey knowledge about the nature of life, values or rights such as the right to education, safe housing or a safe homeland, in addition to playing an active role in the media and health sectors. 

Furthermore, the significance of the folk song cannot be overstated because it expresses human needs and desires, "and it is a reflection of one's psychological and emotional state that also contributes to the development of his values and attitudes and aids his intellectual, linguistic, emotional and imaginative development."

The song’s discourse within society, its role in creativity and its distinct historical role in establishing identity play important roles in enriching and developing the relationship between the individual and society. 

The songs provide a doorway to educational and civilised dimensions, and they help to restore ancient values that have begun to disappear in light of new, alternative values.

This study’s importance lies in its attempt to examine value changes through musical discourse in the social context, which is a way for society to survive and thrive. 

This study aims to reveal the dominant values of a sample of folk songs associated with post-revolution rap in Tunisia at a time when the world has shrunk to the size of a village.

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