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The Message Of Folklore from Bahrain To The World

The Steady Stream of Folk Culture

Issue 57
The Steady Stream of Folk Culture

Just as pure, clear water flows from a spring in a good and fertile land, nourishing everything in its path, the Folk Culture Journal continues its successful journey in its fifteenth year with Issue No. 57. 

After years of regular publication, surmounting all obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining its prestigious scientific standing, the journal continues to welcome expert writings from around the world. The journal is supported by an international scientific body that provides expertise and professionalism and undertakes dynamic work on an ongoing basis, and operates in partnership with the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV), which provides continuous logistical support.

Those who read this peer-reviewed academic journal in printed form in 163 countries and the millions of visitors to our popular and vibrant website may not be aware of all who make it possible. The efforts of all those inconspicuous soldiers who work tirelessly to maintain a smooth flow of work under the most difficult conditions are not always noticed.

Along with the rest of the world, we have been forced to adjust our daily routines and work environments and to work remotely as a precautionary measure during this pandemic. And, while we were able to perform the majority of our office work remotely, printing, shipping, and distribution could not be handled from a distance, and this posed a significant challenge to the normal daily workflow.

The pandemic caused protracted, complicated issues in terms of our operations, including the distribution of printed copies to a significant number of local, regional, and international subscribers due to the temporary interruptions in shipping.

This was one of the most critical challenges we encountered. It caused the loss of many copies that had been dispatched and the need to address subscribers' concerns and to provide compensation when the Journal did not arrive for one reason or another. However, it was a challenge our staff took on with great determination to get the work done while following the health precautions set forth by Bahrain's leaders, which were commended across the world.

Facing sudden struggles, Folk Culture continues to run like a steady stream of water, which finds a way to flow even through the narrowest of paths. From morning to night, we worked diligently from our homes, our offices, and multiple creative locations, and none of our issues were published behind schedule during the pandemic, despite concerned entities' delayed delivery. 

Folk Culture Journal, which has successfully overcome many of the difficulties and challenges that face Arab publications, wishes to express its heartfelt thanks, appreciation and gratitude to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain for his sound royal directives and ongoing support and assistance. His continuous support emphasizes the importance of the journal's role, as it carries the message of folk culture from Bahrain to the world.

Thank you to to all our dear writers, readers and dedicated employees for making the Folk Culture Journal such a prestigious academic journal.

May Allah keep the Kingdom of Bahrain and the world safe from all diseases, and keep humanity safe from peril and evil. 

Ali Abdullah Khalifa, 


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