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Raising a Child in a Rural Community: A Study of Rural Folk Beliefs

Issue 53
Raising a Child in a Rural Community: A Study of Rural Folk Beliefs

Dr. Ashraf Saleh Mohammed

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Ibn Rushd University, Egypt 

The rural community is replete with practices that people resort to in response to diseases, crises and the deaths of infants in an effort to protect children from threats such as false accusations, envy and witchcraft and to heal chronic diseases that have failed to respond to formal medicine. 

This study focuses on rural children and their environments, which are rich in folk beliefs and traditions that help to protect children. These beliefs have been passed down since the time when people were unable to analyse and interpret information. The study aims to establish rural folk beliefs as one of the main pillars of child-rearing in the rural community, highlighting the importance of the topic and reinforcing the value of the collective memory passed down through the generations.

The paper attempts to highlight intangible folk heritage and social practices in order to preserve them. The paper also highlights the important role that mothers play in passing on this legacy, despite rapid scientific and technological developments.

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