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Child Popular Songs and their Educational Contents in kingdom of Bahrain

Issue 5
Child Popular Songs and their Educational Contents in kingdom of Bahrain

Ahmed Haj Mohamed - BAHRAIN

show the dangers that threaten the existence of these songs in the kingdom, extract the educational contents of these songs, and present ideas and realities that increase the national conscious of the popular singing for Bahraini children, as a space of fun and calm, and a source of enjoying art, the welfare of sensation and feelings, a motive to promote temper and general tact, and provide visions and concepts to protect these songs so as to consolidate belonging and citizenship of these children for their king, country, nation and humanity at all. The research aims at accounting for the most famous popular children songs, chants, and hymns in the Bahraini society, analyzing, and explaining their educational impact on children of different kind, by surveying books, documents and registers that treat children popular songs in a way or another particularly in Bahrain, without looking at the concordance or differences between them and between what it exists in golf countries, and this is treated from its historical extension nowadays. The researcher mentions the continuation of the children popular songs as an educational milieu in Bahrain, therefore it is required to protect the best of these songs from forget, loose, and the domination of the present civilization, particularly the incoming one. The researcher proposes a number of suggestions and recommendations to protect children popular songs, such as the organization of an annual festival for these songs, simultaneously with the celebration of the national feast, recording these songs in Cds so as not to be forgotten because of the domination of violent new songs, protecting them in a patrimony center by constituting teams responsible for collecting these songs, performing them with voice, image and motion by children, recording cartoon movies for these songs that characterize the spirit of belonging and citizenship, projecting them on Bahraini TV among programs for this purpose, constituting a team directed by an academic expert responsible for composing the most famous songs and hymns, editing them on Cds or movies or books, and involving school books with a number of these songs.

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