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A call for a common Arab educational system for intangible heritage

Issue 42
A call for a common Arab educational system for intangible heritage

By Abdulrahman Ayub


Using the criteria set forth in 2003 in the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which was adopted by most Arab countries, this paper discusses the possibility of establishing a joint Arab educational system for intangible cultural heritage by restructuring education and cultural programmes and incorporating some elements of intangible cultural heritage to create a collective memory at the national and regional levels. This system could enhance young people’s creativity and their knowledge of heritage.


This research paper studies the prospects for intangible cultural heritage in the Arab educational system in the intellectual and cultural domains if the system is adopted by Arab individuals and institutions with all its traditional, ideological and ceremonial practices.


We can say that in order to form a common Arab identity in the future, there is an urgent need to integrate cultural heritage into the educational system in various Arab countries under one umbrella.


Folk knowledge and creativity are related to the collective identity within the cultural framework of the common local and regional educational systems.


Experts in education, psychology and behaviour, and people who specialise in heritage conservation and cultural events who are concerned with implementing the 2003 Convention would be responsible for developing heritage programmes for the common Arab educational system.

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