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The mythical and realistic components of Moroccan folk culture

Issue 31
The mythical and realistic components of Moroccan folk culture

Muhammad Jawdaat



Both realistic and mythical elements are essential to folk culture. They combine to form cultural and anthropological components and values, symbols and concepts particular to a specific community.


Cultural anthropological components ensure the continuity of folk culture. In order to improve their understanding and control of other nations, colonisers studied these components and the way they appeared in all forms of written and oral folk culture because they revealed people’s values and ways of thinking.

This study seeks to track the essential components of folk literature through texts taken from southern Morocco’s narrative discourse, which is characterised by constant change.

The study focuses on:

• Deconstructing Humu Onimir, which is narrated by many Moroccan tribes, in order to analyse the mythical components

• Analysing the realistic components of poetic Moroccan songs that have helped to incite rebellions against the coloniser.

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