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The Message Of Folklore from Bahrain To The World

Folksongs in Bahrain: An Exploratory Perspective

Issue 3
Folksongs in Bahrain: An Exploratory Perspective

Khalid Abdulla Khalifa - Bahrain

In this article, the author emphasizes the importance and richness of folklore in Bahrain. However, this richness is essentially due the diverse human races living on these islands since antiquity. This has contributed to consolidating original and incoming arts which impart the emotions and feelings of the Bahraini citizen.
Folklore in the Gulf region has different forms of varied musical and singing moulds which have deep roots in Bahrain, being part of this region. The author distinguishes between a number of dichotomies pertinent to offshore and onshore arts and he points that each has its own distinctive characteristics and that another distinction between city songs and country songs should also be made.
The article also delves into the theoretical origins of maqam and rhythms of the popular music in the Gulf region and asserts that it shares some of the characteristics of traditional Arabic music and some of the incoming rhythmic patterns.
The paper answers some of the questions related important issues such as: Is folklore older than traditional music in the Arab World? Is singing older than the use of musical instruments? The author concludes by asserting that folk arts in Bahrain are as old as Man on this the earth and that it continues to exist despite being ignored by official bodies.

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