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Songs of Mahfal and Atraaq

Issue 3
Songs of Mahfal and Atraaq

Dr. Ahmad al-Khususi - Tunisie

This article holds a comparison between the songs of ‘mahfal’ (congregation) and ‘atraaq’ and demonstrates that mahfal songs tend to be more sentimental and open towards the outside world (the nature), while tarq songs deals more with the physical direct world. The researcher defines the term ‘atraaq’ which refers to musical tunes, especially the basic ones that occur in traditional songs. These are individual or collective songs and deal with varied topics and can be performed by both men and women at the same time. The researcher points out the relationship between the songs of mahfal and atraaq which share common characteristics while atraaq songs differ in their general forms, internal verses and performance. Finally, the study emphasizes the importance of folk culture in developing and maintaining the genuine identify of nations and individuals.

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