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Marriage Customs in Bahraini Villages:Al-Nweidrat Village as a Model

Issue 3
Marriage Customs in Bahraini Villages:Al-Nweidrat Village as a Model

Sawsan Ismael Abdullah - Bahrain

This article sheds light on marriage stages starting from ornamenting the bride, which takes place about a week before the henna night, and bathing the bride when she and her midwife go to a farm called ‘dulab’ (waterwheel). The day when the bridegroom takes his bath is called ‘tanweer’ (enlightenment) as it aims to enlighten him on the marriage occasion. The study describes the henna night which is a favorite one. This takes place in the bride’s house as it would be difficult for her to move to another place because she has to keep it all night so it darkens. That night, the bride’s clothes are all green as a token of optimism which symbolizes nature. The researcher describes the wedding night from the moment the midwife takes the bride to do her prayers till the bride’s and the groom’s parents and family members as well as other villagers accompany in a procession to the groom’s house. During the processing, they chant in the praise of Prophet Mohammad and his family. Then the study points out what happens after the wedding day and which people who can or cannot go to the bride’s house for various reasons.

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