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Folk culture: Cultural fusion and peace among peoples

Issue 27
Folk culture: Cultural fusion and peace among peoples

This study is based on the idea that a people’s folk culture or cultural legacy is a wealth of peace, security, tolerance and unity. Folk culture is the people’s spokesman; it helps us recognise a nation’s identity and it expresses the collective’s thoughts. The culture of peace already exists in our cultural legacy. This paper proposes the idea that folk culture supports the processes of peace, development and cultural fusion.


 This study also emphasises the idea that the study of a cultural legacy is not merely an academic activity, it is a sincere attempt to encourage cultural circles to understand cultural objectives.

This study offers evidence that folk culture promotes peace by providing examples of folk crafts, rituals, other forms of cultural legacy, the dialects used by different groups, and communication in daily life.

Yusuf Hasan Madani

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