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Issue 2

The first issue of Folk Culture magazine came to light and celebrating the happy occasion is petering out. Yet the responsibility of rooting this periodical in its local and regional atmosphere is still ablaze, and hence inviting vigorous thinking and effort. It is this that incorporates into the periodical its unique flavor. While aspiring to that effect, we invite our readers to send us their comments on the first issue, so we can avoid any inadvertent pitfalls in future issues. We will yield an attentive ear to all objective comments and take them into consideration. We also promise to strictly adhere to our principles of broad-mindedness and in future issue. We will continue to welcome and respect the views of the other regardless of ethnicity, religion and affiliation. Culture is, after all, the only institution that will provide a promising future and a rich soil in which the values of justice, welfare, and beauty will be nurtured. Only in this way, will the true word have its impact on people’s souls. We trust that cooperation between the readers and the editorial board will uplift Folk Culture and enable it to produce knowledge and embrace individuals’ dreams, aspirations and views. It would be extremely difficult for the editorial board to shoulder this responsibility alone. Folk culture is the repertoire of human heritage. It gives marginalized individuals an invaluable opportunity to voice their views. We therefore call upon anyone who has field research in socio-cultural areas to contact us. Keeping folk culture intact and documenting it is a collective responsibility since folk culture is the mirror of identity and citizenship.

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