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Culture and Unity

Issue 13
Culture and Unity

When Nations face crises and peoples experience grave unbearable events which undermine their national unity, and lead to adversity of sectarian or ethnic divisions, peoples should consider history lessons which confirm that whenever people unwisely follow riffraff, drawn by their passions and not caring for the grand loss, they will certainly face deterioration, decay and fall. History also proves that nations that follow reason, conscience and wisdom, driven by the public interests of their homeland and a vision of unity, live peacefully, creating sustainable civilizations of humane societies and great values.

Through the crisis peak, peoples should pay attention to the common constituents of all nation’s parties and classes, constituents which all agree upon and are not claimed by any party or individual. Nations should highlight the magnitude of these constituents; enhance their values, as common denominators.

The common denominators may be cultural, religious, spiritual and social, or of any other nature that unifies and consolidates the nation.

Groups, parties and classes in the Arab World share interrelated ideologies, beliefs and expectations, and the ties of religion and culture are most prominent and influential, as they shape the collective conscience of Arabs.

Culture should be highlighted as one of the most important common components of the Arab identity; it has the most influential role in enhancing the people’s sense of belonging to the Arab Nation.

Throughout its history, Bahrain witnessed many political, economic and social crises of divisive nature. However, the Arab culture, which represents all Bahrain communities and sectors, acted as the common unifying factor defeating the threats, overcoming the challenges and paving the way for the people to create a prosperous future.

The culture of the liberal society of Bahrain reflects national values of love, tolerance, coexistence, respect and understanding that have always brought the entire nation together.

May Allah protect Bahrain from all evils, and support its people to be united. I pray for His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the man with a great heart. I salute him for the wise leadership with all love, respect and appreciation.

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