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Cultural Industries and Development

Issue 11
Cultural Industries  and Development

Ali Al Daw (Sudan)

The concepts of both cultural industries and development are examined. The article is based on the definition adopted by the UNESCO together with what the author sees as appropriate thoughts. The author comes to the conclusion that the industry of culture includes all the elements of heritage, the tangible and the intangible. In defining development the author article draws on the views of the folklorists and other scholars whose approaches are centered round the thesis that man is both the goal and the means of this development. The paper concentrates on items such as music to represent the intangible culture. But the tangible is represented by industries and handicrafts. The discussion is concentrated on the potentialities of these elements in several aspects; cultural industry, promotion and marketing. These potentialities should be exploited for the benefit of the producers of the cultures as a means in the war against poverty. The choice of these elements does not exclude other elements. A conducive environment should be created by planning, funding and promotion to select the most appropriate elements which qualify those people to create societies of cultural producer. Such societies could participate remarkably in the socio -economic development.

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