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Marriage rituals and customs in tlemcen: A semio-anthropological study
With all its customs and rituals, marriage is a theatrical scene rich in signs and connotations that...

Folk culture and cognitive sciences
The cognitive sciences have developed and there have been significant changes to fields such as ling...

When man expresses himself through music: The example of the flute
People invented musical instruments as a way to express their hidden selves; instruments allow other...
Issue 36
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A history of clothes washing in Bahrain: An analytical historical study
Issue 36

In Bahrain, the washing of clothes is an old profession that no longer exists. This profession – known as ‘Qassarin’ - was once practiced across the Arab world.
The Qassarin were a distinct labour class mentioned in ancient civilisations such as that of Mesopotamia, which had a significant influence on the Dilmun civilisation in Bahrain.

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