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Colloquialism and poetry in Lebanon
Researchers disagree on the definitions for colloquial language and vernacular poetry; they call thi...

Marriage rituals and customs in tlemcen: A semio-anthropological study
With all its customs and rituals, marriage is a theatrical scene rich in signs and connotations that...

Heroism in popular literature
Some people consider folk biography a type of verbal art that includes folk history’s events a...
Issue 36
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A history of clothes washing in Bahrain: An analytical historical study
Issue 36

In Bahrain, the washing of clothes is an old profession that no longer exists. This profession – known as ‘Qassarin’ - was once practiced across the Arab world.
The Qassarin were a distinct labour class mentioned in ancient civilisations such as that of Mesopotamia, which had a significant influence on the Dilmun civilisation in Bahrain.

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